Company History


Our Company was incorporated for carrying on the business of manufacturing and trading of steel pipes. In 1983, we set up manufacturing facilities of SS Coil. However, due to technical difficulties, the original plan was shelved and we established the plant of SS Rolling Sheet which was operated till 1986-87.

During the year 1986-87 our Company diversified into plastic extrusion and installed the extrusion plant to manufacture plastic pipes and started the production in the year 1987-88. Thereafter, we discontinued this business in the year 2000-01 due to intense competition and decrease in profit margins.

Since then our Company was not carrying on any significant operations till the takeover by the Present Promoters, Mr. Vipul J. Modi, Ms. Leena V. Modi and Vipul J. Modi (HUF). After the takeover by the Present Promoters, who are experienced in the field of corporate financial advisory services,we have commenced new line of business, which includes rendering of management consultancy and advisory services on various aspects of corporate financial and commercial matters, trading in securities and investing in corporate equity and debt instruments – both listed and unlisted.,And had taken our members approval for undertaking these activities, by way of a special resolution on October 14, 2008 through Postal Ballot.